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Victoria Irwin

American Board Certified Reflexologist

victoria irwin vermont reflexologist

Since 2003, I have practiced reflexology and massage to help clients receive bodywork as a regular part of their healthcare.

Clients experience profound relaxation, pain relief and empathic support in a safe therapeutic environment.  I honor the individual, as well as the collaborative nature of this process, by encouraging clear communication before, during and after sessions. Through gentle prompts and questions I learn which techniques feel most helpful to you, allowing me to more fully support and guide your process.

Many clients state their intention at the beginning of a massage and then sink very deeply into their session; others feel moved to ask questions or offer feedback.  I both appreciate and enjoy the improvisational nature of this work, which provides each client with a uniquely personalized experience.

Regular scheduling benefits your nervous system as you become accustomed to being in a restorative state, and provides access to deeper levels of balance with each session.

When not practicing bodywork I enjoy digging and designing in the garden, painting, writing and being with my family, friends and pets.

I am happy to answer your questions by email or phone.