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The Importance of Healthy Feet

Like many of us, you may not realize how important your feet are but I bet you rely upon them every day! To keep your feet in their best shape consider how much is going on in them when there is optimal functioning.

Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments that are exquisitely able to balance and hold your shifting weight through hundreds of varied movements. When all soft tissue and joints are aligned and tension free your muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments support your desire for action and you are able to meet the ground with comfort, enthusiasm and agility.

Healthy arches are flexible and springy. Relaxed muscles are strong muscles.

strong feet standing on log

Supple calves play an important role in healthy circulation and heart health. With each step you take your blood is pumped up from your legs to your lungs for oxygenation.

A main goal of Reflexology & Passive Foot Mobilization is to help you achieve fully functioning, flexible and comfortable feet. To help you find firm grounding from which you may move and express yourself gracefully, with confidence and joy.